Brown v. Board of Education

Seven year old, Linda Brown, had to walk a mile then take a bus every morning and afternoon to get to and fro her all black elementary school, Monroe Elementary School. Her father, Oliver Brown, was a priest at St. Marks A.M.E Church. He was not very happy about her walking all this way to her school when there was another elementary school a few blocks away from their house. Sumner Elementary School was an all white school so Linda was not permitted to attend. Oliver marched up to Sumner Elementary and registered his daughter to attend. Of course his application was denied because they were black. Mr. Brown and a few other families that wanted permission to go to Sumner Elementary took this case to the Supreme Court in 1954. They ended up winning the case but over time people noticed there wasn't much change. Linda Brown even tried to refile the case in 1979 but was denied.


Would you fight the government like Oliver Brown did so your children could get an equal education?

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