Murray v. Maryland

Thurgood Marshall was a black man that applied for a law school in Maryland but because of his skin color was denied. Marshall ended up going to an all black law school, Howard Law School. After he graduated Marshall and his professor Charles Hamilton Houston took on the Murray v. Maryland case. Donald Murray was well enough qualified for the University of Maryland Law School but when he applied, reality got in the way. Murray was black, that was the reason stopping him from chasing his dreams, his skin color. Marshall and Houston helped Murray when he faced the Baltimore City Court in 1935. Judge O'Dunne heard their side of the story and agreed that the only reason Murray was not accepted at the University of Maryland was because of his race. The judge ordered the university to accept his application and in 1938 Murray became the first black to graduate at the University of Maryland Law School.

Would you let race or any other reason stop you from chasing your dreams? 

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